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Leading Tips For Using A Chainsaw Safely

As you’re most likely conscious, a chainsaw can be very unsafe; it will cut through your arm or leg as quickly (if not more quickly) than a tree. The first time you use one will be nerve-wracking, however as long as you take the right safety measures and guarantee you are totally familiar with the saw, then you’ll be absolutely great. So exactly what are the proper precautions?

Know your saw

The finest thing you can do when you unpack your chainsaw for the very first time is to put it on a bench and after that check out the manual fully, two times. As you go through the manual examine the saw and ensure you can determine all the elements from their description in the handbook. Make definitely particular that you know where all the safety functions are and how to use them.

Clear the work area

Ensure you’ve got several metres of clear area around where you’re going to be working. If you’ve got an electric saw with a cord then check that it won’t get snagged on anything sitting in between the workspace and the power outlet. It’s worth strolling around the are holding the saw and seeing how the cable relocations; whilst doing this make certain it is unplugged so you do not begin it by accident (pretty unlikely, but still worth checking). If you are preparing fire wood then you’ll want a great sawhorse that will hold your logs steady. If you’re cutting down or pruning a tree then analyze what your strategy is. Ensure you’re not going to cut anything that will fall on you. Hold your saw (turned off) how you intend to carry out the work and after that think of whether you believe it is safe. Unless you are a qualified professional, you do not desire to be up a ladder utilizing a chainsaw. If this is exactly what you plan then thinking about utilizing a pole saw instead.

Use safety equipment

Ideally absolutely nothing bad will occur, but if you utilize your saw regularly then at some point you’ll lose concentration or something will go incorrect with the saw. The helmet needs to be specifically created for chainsaw usage and will include ear protectors and a face mask to protect you from the noise and flying particles. As far as the clothing goes consider investing in a pair of chaps, these are made of products specifically created to survive an effect from a saw whereas conventional clothes will be ineffective and instantly cut through (followed by your leg).


You’ve done all your preparation, you understand every inch of your saw, the work area is clean and you’re entirely decked out in premium safety gear from head to toe. Before you begin up your saw do one more thing.

Be careful when you use a chainsaw. It is a dangerous tool and is deserving of your regard. If you do appreciate it and take the appropriate preventative measures then it will treat you well.

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